[136], Fernández announced a one-time emergency payment of 10,000 pesos (US$154) to lower-income individuals whose income was affected by the lockdown, including retirees. [259], On 4 May, the government announced a new protocol that orders that public transportation will only occupy 60 percent of its capacity. [186] By September, government announced regular flights could return on October. Allowance of purchases of foods, medicines and first need products, Penalties to those that cannot justify their transit on the streets according to the. The International Olympic Committee’s pursuit of urban events to lure a younger audience saw street … [198] According to Google, since the lockdown, people movement in restaurants, shopping centers, cinemas and museums dropped by 86 percent, the presence of mobile phones on public transportation dropped 80 percent, and in offices a 57 percent. [35], The Ministry of Health confirmed the country's first death from coronavirus in the country on 7 March, a 64-year-old man who had travelled to Paris who also had other health conditions. "The philoosophy behind pseudoscience", Skeptical Inquirer 30 (4) 29-27 (2006). [14][141] Later, on 4 June, the lockdown was extended again until 28 June in the Greater Buenos Aires area after the country just surpassed 20,000 cases. [214][215] A private report estimated in November that 34% of Argentine students were allowed to attend these "rebonding" school activities, while 1% of them were in fact attending in-person classes at the time. [33], A first case of the COVID-19 was confirmed in Buenos Aires on 3 March, in a 43-year-old man who had arrived two days earlier from Milan, Italy. Archives; Photos. But as we all know, metropolitan living comes at a cost -- especially if you pick Hong Kong, Paris or Zurich, which are the world's most expensive cities according to new research. [146], After the end of the previous phase of the lockdown in Greater Buenos Aires, President Fernández finally announced on 17 July that the lockdown would be gradually loosened in several stages to lead to the return to normality. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the line accumulated 56 confirmed cases of COVID-19 to that date. Uki Goñi in Buenos Aires. [311], On 13 March, the 2020 running of Rally Argentina was postponed. In L. McFalls, ed., Max Weber’s “Objectivity” Revisited, pp. [2] Two days later, the second case was confirmed in a 23-year-old man living in Buenos Aires, who had recently returned from Northern Italy. [80] Three days later, it was announced that the lockdown would continue for another two weeks in provinces with a high number of daily new confirmed cases. [297][298][299], A fundraising special show aimed to the Red Cross for supplying hospitals and health centers aired throughout all six broadcast networks (América TV, Televisión Pública, El Nueve, Telefe, El Trece and Net TV) on 5 April. The official data from 2020-07-20 included a total of 4,019 new cases, from which only 3,937 correspond to confirmed cases on this day. [17] New activities allowed include individual outdoor recreation activities, opening of local shops, car washers, clothing and footwear stores, hairdressing, waxing, manicure and pedicure shops in all neighborhoods, return of administrative staff to schools, individual prayers in temples (with no more than 10 people on the site), return of dog walkers, opening of libraries (without staying in the place), and return of professional activities, such as lawyers and accountants, at least once a week. Aug [117], A COVID-19 hyperimmune serum based on equine polyclonal antibodies was developed by Argentine biotech company Inmunova. [263] Under the lockdown tightening that came into effect on 1 July, public transportation use in Greater Buenos Aires dropped by 30 percent (around 300,000 passengers) on the first days compared versus the previous week. [122] Other protests were realized against the government policies to combat the pandemic, corruption and insecurity, and against the bill to reform some elements of the judiciary, but the conspiracy theories about the virus were still present in the protests. Advertisement . [227][229][230] To deal with this increase in crime, an "Immediate Response Taskforce" was created for the Federal Police, and gendarmes were deployed in the area. As of 13 November 2020, the Government of Córdoba does not publish the number of recoveries. [47] In the night of 10 April, Fernández confirmed that the lockdown would be extended until 26 April in major cities,[10] and that the flexibilisation of restrictions in zones with lesser risk would be analysed. [31] The other seven Argentines on board, including his wife, remained on the ship in quarantine until February 21. The official data from 2020-03-25 reclassified two cases of the report of the previous day. [89], The Ministry of Health summoned health professionals to provide health services in the context of the pandemic, in search of reinforcing the teams made up by the national and provincial governments. [111][112][113] One month later, Fernández announced that the vaccine produced by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca (AZD1222) would begin production alongside Mexico after an agreement with the British pharmaceutical company and the biotechnology company mAbxience. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. [48] A third phase of the lockdown was later announced by the president on 25 March, extending it to major cities until 10 May. [58], On 3 July, The Governor of the Province of Catamarca confirmed its first case within the province. Foreign citizens arriving in the City of Buenos Aires and remaining in Buenos Aires for more than 24 hours will be charged 2,500.00 ARS for COVID-19 saliva testing. [78] The provinces of Río Negro, Mendoza, Tucumán, Santa Fe, Salta, Santiago del Estero, Neuquén and Córdoba saw an increase in the number of occupied ICU beds, with Río Negro reaching to a 88 percent of occupation. Telefe also announced that talk show Cortá por Lozano would be broadcast with the hostess and panelists from their homes as a preventive measure. It was proposed by Paris organizers almost two years ago after positive trials at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires. [106], On 31 May, it was announced that Argentine scientists were also working to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, a project subsidized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation. Clothing, meanwhile, has fallen -- both presumably due to the increase in people working from home. [262] Train passengers were be forced to reserve seats in order to travel since 29 June. [258] Public transportation services offered a Saturday-schedule until the start of the "administrated lockdown" on 13 April. [24][25] The case fatality rate for COVID-19[26][27] has been much lower than the 2002–2004 SARS outbreak, but transmission has been significantly greater, with a significant total death toll. Check our live COVID-19 map for Argentina travel restrictions, and to find out if you'll need to quarantine on arrival. May Apple reported a decrease of 83 percent on vehicular mobility through April 26,[197] although 4,900 people were arrested across the country for violating the lockdown. [5], On 7 March, the Ministry of Health confirmed the country's first documented death, a 64-year-old man who had travelled to Paris, France, who also had other health conditions;[6] the case was only confirmed as positive after the patient's demise. Toute l'actualité vol de Paris Aéroport, au départ de Paris-Orly et Paris-Charles de Gaulle (Roissy, CDG), par thématiques : vols, accès, parking, services, shopping. [105] Another SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic kit with RT-qPCR technology was approved in September by ANMAT, while a new kit under development (as of that date), would allow the joint detection of SARS-CoV-2 and the viruses that cause influenza. ", "Encuesta reveló que disminuyó la preocupación de los argentinos frente al coronavirus", "Encuesta revela "fastidio" con la cuarentena que erosiona imagen de Alberto Fernández", "Cae la imagen de Alberto Fernández: demasiada cuarentena, rechazo a los presos y efecto Cristina", "Según encuestas, cambia el humor social respecto de la opción "salud o economía, "Una encuesta muestra un alto respaldo a la cuarentena y a las medidas del Gobierno", "Argentina offers spot payments to coronavirus-hit low income workers", "En medio de la cuarentena total, hoy abren los bancos: quiénes pueden ir y cómo van a funcionar", "Cuáles son las actividades permitidas en las nueve provincias que flexibilizan la cuarentena", "Coronavirus en la Argentina: mantienen sin cambios la cuarentena en la Capital Federal y en la provincia de Buenos Aires", "Coronavirus en Argentina: las estadísticas que mostró Alberto Fernández para justificar la extensión de la cuarentena", "Coronavirus en Argentina: todos los detalles de las actividades que se habilitarán en el Área Metropolitana", "Encuesta nacional: el coronavirus generó una nueva "grieta del miedo" entre los argentinos", "Solo tres de cada diez argentinos creen lo que dice la OMS sobre el origen del virus", "Alberto Fernández anunció una cuarentena estricta entre el 1 y el 17 de julio para el área metropolitana: "Tenemos que aislar el AMBA del resto del país, "Cuáles serán las nuevas restricciones: qué se puede hacer y qué no en la próxima etapa de la cuarentena en el AMBA", "Coronavirus en la Argentina. [118][119], On 3 November, President Fernández announced in an interview with Russian news agency that government would receive an initial of more than 10 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine by as early as December, after it would enter phase III. Ueber die Nature der Dinge, with Martin Mahner (Stuttgart: Hirzel, 2004). [114][115] As of the day of the announcement, the vaccine, consisting of modified chimp adenovirus vector,[116] was entering phase III. [192], During the last week of July, flag carrier airline Aerolíneas Argentinas sold over 188 thousand tickets, with the company reporting that 54 percent of passengers bought their tickets to travel from December 2020 to March 2021, while another 27 percent did so to travel between September and November 2020. ", "Coronavirus en la Argentina: los cambios de la TV abierta", "Coronavirus en la televisión argentina: qué famosos dieron positivo", "Coronavirus: cómo fue la maratón de TV que transmitieron todos los canales de aire en cadena", "El futuro de "Separadas": luego de que el elenco pidiera cesar las grabaciones, qué determinación tomó el canal", "Polka cancela Separadas y se abre la discusión sobre el futuro de la ficción argentina", "Ya hay cinco casos de coronavirus en la televisión argentina", "Por un caso de coronavirus en El precio justo, Lizy Tagliani deberá aislarse", "Entre protocolos y cuestionamientos, el coronavirus llegó a la TV", "Confirman el primer caso de coronavirus en América TV", "Update on upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers in South America", "La CONMEBOL Libertadores queda suspendida temporalmente", "Euro 2020 and Copa América Are Postponed for a Year", "Coronavirus forces WRC Rally Argentina to be postponed", "Three MotoGP races cancelled due to pandemic, one added in Europe", "Coronavirus. [151], On 28 August it was announced that the eased lockdown would be extended again until 20 September. Sep DESTINATIONS Where we fly Barcelona. Fly to Buenos Aires. This page was last edited on 28 December 2020, at 04:09. The networks increased the airtime of talk shows and news programming, while reality shows were still in production. The biggest rise is Tehran, which has climbed up the ladder from 106th to 79th, due to US sanctions impacting supplies. Ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic in Argentina, Number of confirmed cases per 100,000 people by province, According to the numbers provided by the national. [34] Rapidly, on the next day the total cases increased to eight. Thu 19 Mar 2020 14.25 EDT. [62] President Fernández announced on 28 August that meetings of up to ten people in the open air, maintaining two meters of distance and using a face mask were authorized throughout the country. [228], In Greater Buenos Aires, an increase in crimes committed by people with no previous record was seen. [171], The International Monetary Fund (IMF) reported that the COVID-19 crisis would plunge Argentina's GDP by 9.9 percent, after the country's economy contracted by 5.4 percent in first quarter of 2020, with unemployment rising over 10.4 percent in the first three months of the year, before the lockdown started. San Martín, Manuel Belgrano, El Carmen and San Pedro), Santa Cruz (Río Gallegos) and Tierra del Fuego (Río Grande). "A systemic … Jul Speaking from Buenos Aires, Blanco said she believed a new default was now "a matter of time." The official data from this day reclassified three deaths that were wrongly reported as deceased. [153], On 6 November, Fernández announced that the lockdown would come to an end in Greater Buenos Aires in order to move to the social distancing phase, although it could continue in other provinces until 29 November. [204] Three months later, on 3 August, the Ministry of Education confirmed that the provinces of Catamarca, San Juan and Santiago del Estero would begin a process of returning to class under a system that would involve dividing students into groups that could attend classrooms in weekly shifts. May [303], The first cases of COVID-19 reached Argentine television in June. The top 10 is completed by Geneva, New York City, Copenhagen and Los Angeles. [17] Two weeks later, on 31 July, in another press conference, Fernández announced that the lockdown restrictions at that moment would continue until 16 August as there were a record of cases and deaths in the past days due to the virus. Alberto Fernández pidió que el fútbol siga y se transmita por TV abierta", "#CopaArgentina El encuentro entre @Independiente y @VillaMitreBB , por los 32avos de Final, fue reprogramado para el miércoles 1 de abril, en horario a confirmar", "El fútbol se detiene por el coronavirus: los motivos de la marcha atrás del Gobierno", "A dos meses del último partido en Argentina", "Rodolfo D'Onofrio se refirió a la vuelta a los entrenamientos en Argentina: "El fútbol hoy no es una prioridad, "AFA y Gobierno diagraman la vuelta a los entrenamientos en el fútbol argentino", "Qué jugadores del fútbol argentino dieron positivo por coronavirus", "Se confirmaron 11 casos de coronavirus en el fútbol argentino tras los exámenes antes de reiniciar los entrenamientos", "Población por sexo e índice de masculinidad. The charts show the development of the pandemic starting from 3 March 2020, representing changes in net number of cases on a daily basis, based on the number of cases reported in the National Ministry of Health's daily reports. Over 10,000 students in San Juan became the first to return to face-to-face classes through social distancing on 10 August. [232], In the Buenos Aires' Atlantic coast, a popular summertime vacation place, there was a wave of thefts against summer houses. One of a 480 hectares (1,200 acres) National Parks area in Villa Mascardi received the biggest national media attention. Desde el inicio de la pandemia de coronavirus se registraron 1.563.865 infectados en todo el país, 1.384.277 pacientes recuperados y 42.314. fallecidos. [159], During the pandemic, more than 400 health professionals were infected, making the 15 percent of the total confirmed cases as of 19 April. Last 15 days The test, called NEOKIT-COVID-19, allows to obtain results in almost an hour and it offers a high degree of sensitivity (which reduces the possibility of false negatives) and specificity (which minimizes the probability of false positives). [95] The program, called Detectar (Detect in English; Strategic Testing Device for Coronavirus in Argentina Terrain), launched on May after a big jump in the number of cases in low socioeconomic class and densely populated neighborhoods in Greater Buenos Aires, known as villas. This led to cases of citizens not being able to greet a family member on their deathbed despite having the required permits,[282][283] and patients dying due to ambulances not being allowed to enter another province. The official data from 2020-03-23 reclassified a double-counted patient. [166], Argentina's economy contracted a record 19.1% in the second quarter of 2020 versus the same period of 2019 as the pandemic crippled production and demand, though was slightly better than analyst forecasts. [64], During this month, schools and sports began the return to their activities. [255][256] This caused demonstrations of people against the occupation, which ended in the National Minister of Security starting legal complaints against the demonstrators. Exception of the lockdown to state, health, food production, drugs production and oil industry workers and security forces, Creation of a government department that works on the pandemic and economic issues, and. [278][279], Mobility was heavily restricted, with strict checkpoints in province's borders, which allowed entrance only on a limited number of cases with a permit. Publié le : 23/09/2020 - 11:55. The official data from this day reclassified a death that was wrongly reported as deceased. [137] Because banks were excluded in the list of businesses that were considered essential in Fernandez's lockdown decree, they remained closed until the Central Bank announced banks would open during a weekend starting on 3 April. How many airports are there in Buenos Aires? Openings in internal areas in bars and restaurants, gyms, artisan fairs, public pools, museums and schools were confirmed to apply in Buenos Aires. The first confirmed case was from El Nueve's sports journalist Guillermo Ferro. The official data from this day reclassified a death that was double counted as deceased. [300], On 12 March, FIFA announced that the first two rounds of the South American qualification for the 2022 World Cup due to take place in March 2020 were postponed to later dates. Trouvez les vols les moins chers en quelques secondes, recherchez des destinations sur une carte et inscrivez-vous pour recevoir des alertes de prix sur Google Flights. [67][68] Before returning to practice, several clubs such as Boca Juniors, River Plate, Independiente, Racing, San Lorenzo and Vélez Sársfield, among others, tested its players with positive results for COVID-19. [16] According to Fernández, this urban area saw an increase of 147% of COVID-19 cases, and an increase of 95% on deaths due to the disease during the previous 20 days of the announcement. 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cuáles son los países de riesgo para los viajeros que vuelven a la Argentina", "Confirmaron otros diez casos de coronavirus y tres de ellos se contagiaron en la Argentina", "Chaco confirma el primer caso vinculado con importación de COVID19", "Dieron de alta al primer infectado por coronavirus en la Argentina", "Dieron el alta al "paciente cero" local pero debe seguir en aislamiento domiciliario", "Todo Tierra del Fuego queda en cuarentena hasta el 31 de marzo", "Coronavirus: seis provincias argentinas se autoaislaron", "Coronavirus en la Argentina: se registró el primer caso de transmisión comunitaria", "Coronavirus en Argentina: murieron tres mujeres y ya son 27 los fallecidos en el país", "Coronavirus en Argentina: la cuarentena se extenderá hasta el jueves 23 y será menos flexible de lo que se esperaba", "Coronavirus en la Argentina: la cuarentena continuará hasta el 26 de abril, pero se flexibilizará en zonas del interior", "Coronavirus en la Argentina: la cuarentena sigue hasta el 10 de mayo y adultos y niños podrán salir una hora al día", "COVID-19: Face masks mandatory in Buenos Aires as of next Wednesday", "Coronavirus en Argentina: confirman otras 4 muertes y 143 nuevos casos en las últimas 24 horas", "Coronavirus en Argentina: se confirmaron 637 casos nuevos y 11 muertes en las últimas 24 horas", "El intendente de Lomas de Zamora, Martín Insaurralde, confirmó que tiene coronavirus", "Daniel Arroyo fue aislado de la comitiva presidencial y se hizo el hisopado para saber si se contagió de coronavirus", "La noticia de que Insaurralde tiene coronavirus obligó a Alberto Fernández a suspender su viaje a Catamarca", "Coronavirus en la Argentina: 38 muertos y 2635 contagios en un día", "Coronavirus en Argentina: se registraron 27 muertes y 2262 nuevos contagios", "Catamarca registró su primer caso de coronavirus y ya no hay provincias sin contagios", "Argentina extends coronavirus lockdown as cases rise", "Coronavirus en Argentina: se registraron 5929 nuevos contagios", "Coronavirus en la Argentina: el 70 por ciento de los infectados ya está recuperado", "Argentina reports record number of new COVID-19 cases but relaxes lockdown", "Coronavirus en Argentina: confirmaron 9.309 nuevos contagios y 203 muertes en las últimas 24 horas", "Students in San Juan Province become the first to return to face-to-face classes", "En plena pandemia, volvieron las clases presenciales en San Juan", "La pasión del fútbol se apresta a volver en Argentina", "Los entrenamientos de fútbol regresan el 10 de agosto", "Gerardo Morales dio positivo en coronavirus", "Berni dio positivo en coronavirus pero se encuentra "bien y sin síntomas, "Sergio Berni, Gerardo Morales test positive for coronavirus", "Con un video y sin la palabra de Alberto Fernández, el Gobierno confirmó la extensión de la cuarentena hasta el 11 de octubre", "El AMBA presenta una "meseta alta" y estabilizada de casos", "El ministro de Desarrollo Social dio positivo en coronavirus y permanecerá en su domicilio", "Internaron a la ministra de Salud de Santa Fe por agravamiento en su cuadro de coronavirus", "Coronavirus en Argentina: confirmaron 419 muertes y 14.392 nuevos contagios en las últimas 24 horas", "Axel Kicillof se encuentra aislado por haber tenido contacto estrecho con un caso positivo de coronavirus", "Coronavirus: Alberto Fernández anunció que instrumentarán medidas para restringir la circulación en ciudades de 18 provincias", "Las principales definiciones de Alberto Fernández sobre la nueva etapa de asilamiento social", "Argentina passes 1 million cases as virus hits Latin America", "Alberto Fernández sobre la nueva fase de la cuarentena: "Vamos a concentrar los esfuerzos en las ocho provincias que concentran el 55 por ciento de los contagios, "Argentina reporta 9.745 nuevos casos de coronavirus y 211 muertes", "Argentina expects 10 million doses of Russian COVID-19 vaccine", "Argentina agrees to buy 25 million doses of Russia's Covid-19 vaccine", "Salud confirmó que adquirirá 25 millones de dosis de la vacuna rusa si pasa la fase 3", "Argentina 'could receive' 750,000 doses of eventual Pfizer vaccine: Fernandez", "Argentina's Fernandez says 'horizon' in sight as COVID-19 cases appear to slow", "Parte hacia Moscú el vuelo que traerá al país las primeras dosis de la Sputnik V", "Government inks deal for 10 million doses of Russia's Covid-19 vaccine", "Ministerio de Salud Convoca a profesionales para reforzar dotación de equipos sanitarios", "Miles de argentinos se anotaron como voluntarios para trabajar contra el coronavirus", "Coronavirus: el Malbrán deja de ser el único centro de diagnóstico y se suman 35 laboratorios", "Coronavirus: el Malbrán recibió 50 mil tests para detectarlo", "Coronavirus en la Argentina: las clínicas privadas podrán hacer hasta 7500 tests diarios para descomprimir el sistema de salud público", "Coronavirus: el operativo Detectar estrena protocolo para todo el país", "Hay 519 casos confirmados en barrios populares y lanzan un plan de detección temprana", "Coronavirus en Argentina: comenzó la campaña voluntaria de donación de sangre de pacientes recuperados para un futuro medicamento", "Recovered COVID-19 patients donate plasma for treatment in Argentina", "Donación de plasma de pacientes recuperados de COVID-19", "Cómo funciona "Neokit-Covid-19", el nuevo test rápido de coronavirus desarrollado por científicos argentinos", "Aprueban el uso de un nuevo test rápido y económico de diagnóstico molecular de COVID-19", "Coronavirus en Argentina: cómo funciona el test de diagnóstico rápido desarrollado por científicos argentinos para detectar el SARS-CoV-2", "Coronavirus: nuevo test argentino para detectar el virus", "Coronavirus: Científicos argentinos diseñaron un nuevo kit de diagnóstico veloz, económico y preciso", "La ANMAT aprobó el desarrollo de un nuevo kit de diagnóstico del coronavirus", "Primer avance en Latinoamérica: Argentina desarrollará una vacuna contra el coronavirus", "Coronavirus en Argentina: científicos del CONICET se suman a la carrera para crear la vacuna contra el Covid-19", "Argentina fue seleccionada para probar la vacuna de Pfizer contra el coronavirus", "PFIZER AND BIONTECH ANNOUNCE EARLY POSITIVE DATA FROM AN ONGOING PHASE 1/2 STUDY OF MRNA-BASED VACCINE CANDIDATE AGAINST SARS-COV-2", "La vacuna contra el coronavirus de Pfizer y BioNTech muestra datos "alentadores", según las primeras pruebas", "Argentina fue elegida para probar una vacuna contra el coronavirus", "Argentina, Mexico to produce AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine", "AstraZeneca set to start making 400 million COVID-19 vaccines for Latam early in 2021", "A phase 2/3 study to determine the efficacy, safety and immunogenicity of the candidate Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) vaccine ChAdOx1 nCoV-19", "A phase III study to investigate a vaccine against COVID-19", "Argentina starts trials on hyperimmune equine serum to treat COVID-19", "COVID-19: la ANMAT aprobó la investigación para el estudio clínico del suero equino hiperinmune", "Government: Coronavirus vaccine 'won't be mandatory' in Argentina", "Con un emocionante aplauso, miles de personas agradecieron el trabajo de los médicos para combatir el coronavirus", "Protesters rally in Buenos Aires to demand end of Covid-19 lockdown", "Marcha del 17A: se sintió en todo el país el mayor banderazo contra el Gobierno desde que comenzó la cuarentena", "Anticuarentena: Una marcha anti-todo con consignas furibundas", "The Best Global Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic", "Pandemic throws Argentina debt strategy into disarray", "Coronavirus bump: Argentina's Fernandez rises in polls over handling of COVID-19", "Cuarentena total por el coronavirus desde la medianoche", "Argentina Goes Under Quarantine As Debt Deal Now An Afterthought", "Una encuesta muestra que el 80% de los argentinos está a favor de la extensión de la cuarentena", "ENCUESTA ROUVIER Y ASOCIADOS: ¿LOS ARGENTINOS ESTÁN PREPARADOS PARA UNA NUEVA EXTENSIÓN DE LA CUARENTENA?