Carriera. And Ferreira should be getting more minutes this season given that Quintero has left. Right now Lo Celso is one of the best midfielders…. Ask any Fan, Player or Coach in Tottenham. I am an American and I know my rights of freedom of speech but there is a balance. Next week will be the big one when they host Sao Paolo who took a beating in Quito today. I hope he learns a lesson and change. I have already subsribed your channel. Les Argentins terminent deuxième du tournoi, derrière l'Équateur. With possession, the wing-backs provide full width and the wingers position themselves in the half-spaces. He has adapted well to life in France and Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has included him in the squad for next month’s World Cup qualifiers. If Paredes is that talented like that of a world class one, he would have been a hot transfer prospect this summer but wasn’t. i am quite sure enzo is on loan and he might get consistent time there so its good. His rating was 9.26(Who scored) last match against RKC Waalwijk in Dutch League. Facundo Medina is neither the tallest nor the strongest of defenders, nevertheless, his physicality is good enough for him to cope with the demands of playing as a centre-back. But yes, he needs to move out guys like pinola and angilieri. 21 year old new graduate, striker Girotti had one or two nice moments for 15 minutes too. The Argentine occupies the whole left-side of his own half of the pitch as well as some spaces in the opposition’s half, and that is because of his importance for maintaining possession and providing a back passing lane for his teammates. I actually thought that weblinks cannot be posted as per blog rules & hence had not posted this here ! English clubs could easily fork over additional pocket change of $5m to secure the deal. Ocampos is finally living up to his potential and is playing at a world class level (he was in la liga team of the season alongside Lio). Talking nonsense, posting irrelevant comments, disrespecting others’ opinions, and fantasizing about a certain woman even after repeated complaints have nothing to do with freedom of speech. C) Since this is Argentina football site, it is within reasonable to restrict any non albiceleste discussion.Of course once in a while we can discuss German football or Barcelona football because something interesting can be learned, but discussing sexual depravity can and should be banned. mientras tanto…River goes to Binacional and wins 6-0. DePaul is a superb player and he could’ve been playing for Inter right now if Udinese weren’t so greedy where they rejected a 33 million offer last season. The Argentine scores high in most passing stats when compared to other centre-backs and full-backs in the Superliga with passes per 90 and progressive passes per 90 standing out the most. Well both r on the wrong side age wise. [8][9] He subsequently featured on 29 August 2018 in a friendly with Uruguay. De Paul rumors died down but Udinese and Leeds have been doing this business slowly without rush. This season for Talleres de Córdoba he mostly played as a left side centre-back in a line of four defender although occasionly he also played as a left-back. Good game for River. I’m enjoying it for my family and I can’t wait to be training with the Argentina national team. Part of the U20 Argentina national team which took part in the World Cup last year in Poland, Medina was also U23 South American champion earlier this year. In order to have a better profile of the abilities and style of play of Facundo Medina, we took a look at the data. Julian Alvarez will be closely monitored by Juve, as they look to build a forward line up for the future. Emi Martinez: yes, he possess all the traits to be a great GK. No this is today./yesterday news. He is the Cb for Real Sociedad & plays as right CB. I have seen some matches of Balerdy but he looks like a average player though the selectors are much superior to us and they must see something special as our defense is looking after by legendary Ayala who is my favorite CB in Argentina shirt. Hope he settles down in a good team and gets more chances to play for the Argentina national team . Check compare for players: Facundo Medina vs Birger Meling. Benjamin Garre is one of them, as his English experience would make it easier to integrate. Specially Perez leadership quality is very good. He holds his position until the attacker decides to dribble and then quickly tackles him and reagins possession. [4][5] After featuring for their U20s at the 2018 U-20 Copa Libertadores in February, he made his first league appearances in August when he played in matches against Boca Juniors, Rosario Central and Gimnasia y Esgrima. In terms of numbers, Medina won 69,08% of his defensive duels which is a very good win rate. Two EFL matches, two goals. The group supported me from the first day. Thanks to Roy and others who had been persistently asking for this. The metric. Also martias palsicos, gabrial marconi all going to be worldclass soon if they find a great coach and team to play regularly Facundo Medina, 21, from Argentina RC Lens, since 2020 Centre-Back Market value: €4.50m * May 28, 1999 in Buenos Aires, Argentina Looking at the bar charts that compare Medina to other Ligue 1 centre-backs and full-backs, the picture slightly changes. [8][9] He had previous experience with the U20s during his time with River Plate, and was also called up to train against the senior squad during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Plus, not everyone one is a fan. Like an idiot. Big applause to you, guys! Full stats of both players in all time Nico Dominguez, Ascacibar, Nehuen Perez, Madina, Senesi, Alexis and Nico Gonzalez all have massive potential especially if things go right for them. Alexis Mac Allister scored again. Amazing job. L’international de 21 ans a signé un contrat de 4 ans. I am not saying they’re bad players but these days u need pacy full backs with great crossing or dribbling abilities. Si amigo. The comparison should always be seen having that difference between the leagues in mind, however, it gives us a glance of how Medina’s statistical profile fits in his new league. 5. Trolling is not freedom of speech. The Argentine has a very good sense of the distances between him, his teammates, the opponents and the goal. now its a good atmosphere here. If we can have proper CDM then may be we can try Acuna as a left back. Seems like Udinese needs De Paul more than money. Argentina is producing old school full backs. Parma are also interested in Nahuen Perez on a loan move. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. 1.Lautaro is in the making of a world class one, other than that there r no world class players established ATM in the defending cum misfielding section. As any recently promoted side, Lens are trying to strengthen their team so it can match the level and standards of a superior division., — CATalleresdecba (@CATalleresdecba) July 2, 2020. B) The idea of free speech, as related to USA where this site is host, relate to political speech and this forum is not political in nature whereas Twitter or Facebook can be. On the defensive side, Medina will bring the needed anticipation and interception skills for a team that plays a high line and likes to press high up the pitch. € * 28 mai 1999 à Buenos Aires, Argentina If it’s true that Romance King is banned then the admins have really breathed new life into this forum. Facundo Medina, as we already saw, is an excellent ball playing defender and can offer a lot to Lens’s build-up play. Lors de cette compétition, il joue sept matchs[5]. Pretty informative writing. In order to create space in between the lines Medina carries the ball forward himself until the opposition’s press is triggered, as soon as that happens, he uses his good passing skills to pass the ball into a teammate in the vacated space. Looks like Bielsa has asked to monitor a few Argentine players and probably make a move in January. That’s exactly why he was banned. Great football brains? The reason being in the past three days Leeds have not gotten the lower offer they want. Hope he’s banned for good! This slight change must be seen having the differences between the two leagues in mind and, despite the decrease in rank on some metrics, Medina still displays impressive ranks in defence and especially in the passing chapter. He is probably a kid but he shouldve learn how to be respectful, maybe bad parenting. Franco is still in River reserves. Avec l'équipe d'Argentine des moins de 20 ans, il participe au championnat sud-américain des moins de 20 ans en début d'année 2019. È un terzino sinistro. Thanks again. Il joue son premier match de championnat le 12 août 2018, face à Boca Juniors, contre qui son équipe s'incline (1-0)[2]. Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) The pass gets the attacker into a 1vs1 situation against the goalkeeper. Il participe ensuite quelques mois plus tard à la Coupe du monde des moins de 20 ans organisée en Pologne. Thank you. Au total avec le club argentin il joue 36 matchs pour un but marqué et une passe décisive. Facundo Medina. Lo Celso is not ‘above average’ the kid’s a world beater, without an argument. Facundo Medina, transferido al fútbol europeo. He crossed the line. Taking the comparison a step further, we also calculated his percentile ranks on the same metrics but in comparison to all centre-backs and full-backs in Ligue 1. such is RESPECT. Le 2 juillet 2020, Facundo Medina s'engage pour quatre ans avec le Racing Club de Lens, tout juste promu en Ligue 1. selon les recommandations des projets correspondants. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Like it was previously mentioned Medina’s game reading skills allow him to spot passing lanes and teammates making runs, at the same time, his passing range and technique are also very good, allowing him to easily progress the ball for his team. Lisandro Martinez will be great addition in our left Back position. It’s funny that i was reading your article along with some others from Golazo before you recommended it. Facundo Medina speaks about Argentina team, Lionel Messi and Lens, Rogelio Funes Mori: “I would like to play for Mexico”, Angel Di Maria comments on being snubbed from the Argentina national team, Cristian Pavón comments on Argentina call-up, Lionel Messi, LA Galaxy,,,